Wreaths and Kissing Balls Are BACK!

We’re celebrating our 12 Days of Christmas in style – We now have Wreaths and Kissing Balls!  Make sure to visit our Retail Store at 4 Sarnowski Drive Scotia NY to see our selection!

Compare our Kissing Ball prices ($21.99 fresh, $24.99 artificial) to those at big chain craft stores ($30 artificial!)

image (4)

Our wreaths are great bargains too!

image (5)


image (6)

Give Personalized Gifts this Holiday Season!

Want to give something extra special this holiday season? We’re still celebrating our 12 Days of Christmas in November and we’ve now got a great selection of custom personalized gifts!  Travel Mugs, Tumblers, iPhone Cases, Bookmarks, and More!

pen_chic_dotstripe_pinkorange_deanna shaker_edge_skulls_purple_janice

View these great gifts HERE.