Staff Picks – Lezyne CRV 20 Multi-Tool

What does the staff at BikeWorldUSA have to say about our products?

Staff Memeber: Shawn, Customer Service Representative

Item: Lezyne CRV20 Multi-Tool (TL004)

Description: Lezyne CRV tools are functional, lightweight, and durable tools ideal for roadside or trail-side use. The forged aluminum side plates are lightweight and easy to use while wearing gloves. The chrome vanadium bits and fastening hardware are nickel plated. Forged Center-Pivot bits increase tool rigidity and improve ergonomics. A cast steel chain breaker works with 9/10 speed chains (CRV 12 & 20) and has 3 integrated spoke wrenches.

What Shawn Likes: Very well built product (Lezyne in general sells and engineers very well built products in general). Tool is very versatile and is always there for you in a pinch when you need it on the road, trail or even in some household instances). 

 What Shawn Doesn’t Like: No Negatives that I can think of. 

Where Can I Buy This? Vist our website to purchase the Lezyne CRV 20 Multi-Tool.


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