Biking for Beginners: 10 Tips to Ride Your Bicycle Safely in Traffic


Riding in traffic, even slow traffic, is one of the scariest obstacles that many beginning riders have to overcome.  Thinking of being hit by a car while on your bike is enough to discourage many from even attempting to ride their bicycle in the city.

When I first started riding, I had visions of myself and my snazzy blue bike pinned under a bus every time I went out on the road.  I was constantly worried that I would get “doored,” a dog would run into my path, or I’d meet my death in some other horrible bike/car related way.

It took a while and a little perseverance, but I can finally ride the road comfortably and feeling safe and confident.  Following are a few tips that helped me learn to ride with traffic, and others that I learned along the way.

1.  Keep you bike in proper working order

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