Staff Picks – Nalgene One Pint Waterbottle – Pink

What does the staff at BikeWorldUSA have to say about our products?

Staff Memeber: Ashley, Marketing Director (and Blogger!)

Item: Nalgene Widemouth Pink PC (1 Pint)

Description: Pink Nalgene Polycarbonate waterbottle – 1 Pint

What Ashley Likes: It’s just the right size and my favorite color is pink, so that was a major plus.  I’m a fan of the fun flower like design on it.  Specifically the bottle reminded me of Breast Cancer Awarness – and my mom and grandma are both survivors of stage one.  
What Ashley Doesn’t Like: It is a little small – but only when I’m really thirsty, and whats a few extra trips to the drinking fountain to fill it up right? It’s exercise!
Where Can I Buy This? Vist our website to purchase the Pink Nalgene Bottle.

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