Staff Picks – Eton MoBius

What does the staff at BikeWorldUSA have to say about our products?

Staff Member: Ashley, Marketing Director
Item: Eton MoBius (LIB527010)
Description: Solar charger/battery case for iPhone 4/4S
What Ashley Likes: I purchased this item because I loving using the All Trails Hiking App for iPhone, but when I’m not connect to WIFI (which who is in the middle of the woods?) my phone battery while using the app drains quickly.  I love that theres a standby switch to “charge” or “not charge” so I can start out with my phone fully charged and in the case ready to switch it over to charge mode when I need to.  I also like that I can chaarge the case by hooking to the USB port on my computer (that is a lot faster than using the solar charger).  Plus I can still sync with iTunes when its in the case!
What Ashley Doesn’t Like: The case doubles the thickness of the phone and so far I’ve been too impatient to see how long it would take to charge the battery pack using solely the solar panel.

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