Bike Anatomy: The Saddle

The bike saddle is a very important component of your bike.  In fact, its one of the 5 places where your body actually comes into contact with the bike, and often carries more than half of your body weight.
Heres a few pieces of important information to remember:
– Saddles and seats are different
     saddles carry some weight
     seats carry all weight
– The Saddle can be adjusted 3 ways:
     angle (or tilt)
     front and back position (or fore andaft)
– There are four components to a saddle
– questions to consider when deciding on what saddle to purchase:
     Do I want hard or soft style
     Do I want wide or narrow style
To see BikeWorldUSA’s Selection of Bike Saddles click HERE.
Want to learn more about bike saddles? Check out these great resources:
Leave a comment and tell us what your favorite saddle is!

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