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5 Biking Essentials Under $5

1. GEN411 – Cotton/Poly Bandana in Black – $4.19

Useful as many things, kleenex, sweatcatcher, greasecleaner-upper…



2. BA687 – Pedro’s Tire Levers in green – $3.99

For quick bike repairs on the go




3. BA122- Reflectior Wheel Short and Clear – $2.99



4. TP327 – Park Tool TB-2 Emergency Tire Boot – $2.98

Another while-on-the-ride-emergency must have.



5. B088 – Schrader-Presta Rubber Rim hole Adapter – $0.75

Celebrate National Bike Month with a Tune Up

Visit BikeWorldUSA’s Bike Shop at 4 Sarnowski Drive Scotia

Bicycle Tune Up – $49.99

Single Speed Tune Up – $29.99


(We hope your bike doesn’t look like this!)

The Before You Ride Checklist

This is a simple easy checklist (Only 3 things!) to make sure you check out before you take a ride. Remember – Safety First!

1. Check your tire pressure (match with the preferred PSI on the tire wall.)

2. Remember the “3 L’s” – Listen Look for Looseness (handlbars, headset, wheels, etc.)

3. Brake Pads (make sure they aren’tworn and they tightly grip the wheel when the brakes are squeezed.)

Cycling Etiquette

Just found this great post from Bike Noob on Cycling Etiquette!

Bike Noob

The president of the cycling club I belong to usually takes the lead in organizing club rides. He traditionally starts the Sunday morning ride, which is our “main” ride of the week. He’s got years of riding experience under his pedals, and is happy to share his ideas about cycling with anyone.

Last week, he posted on our club Yahoo group some points of cycling etiquette. He gave me permission to use them on the blog. “They may or may not work for you,” he wrote, “but at least you will know why I am doing what I am doing the next time we ride together.” Here they are:

•Passing other cyclists on either the right or left is OK as long as you can safely get by. Corollary: if there is no room to pass on either side then passing is not OK.

•You are responsible for your own…

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Tools to Bring on a Ride

Heres a handy list of some tools you might want to consider brining with you for a bike ride.

1. Frame Mount Pump

2. Tire Repair Tools: a patch kit, tire levers and spare tubes




3. Multi-Tool