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5 Biking Essentials Under $5

1. GEN411 – Cotton/Poly Bandana in Black – $4.19

Useful as many things, kleenex, sweatcatcher, greasecleaner-upper…



2. BA687 – Pedro’s Tire Levers in green – $3.99

For quick bike repairs on the go




3. BA122- Reflectior Wheel Short and Clear – $2.99



4. TP327 – Park Tool TB-2 Emergency Tire Boot – $2.98

Another while-on-the-ride-emergency must have.



5. B088 – Schrader-Presta Rubber Rim hole Adapter – $0.75

Top 5 Bags for Bike Month

Heres our top five Bag picks for National Bike Month… What are your favorites?

Avenir Mini Metro Handlebar Bag (91.5 Cubic Inches)

Delta Smartphone Caddy II (Black)

Bag – Avenir Big Mouth Seat Medium

Electra Townie Bicycle Tank Bag Mens Large Natural







Staff Picks – Trekking Pole

What does the staff at BikeWorldUSA have to say about our products?

Staff Member: Ashley, Marketing Director
Item: Trekking Pole (LIB110559)
Description: basic red trekking pole – adjustable
What Ashley Likes: I love that I can adjust the height of the pole to how I’m feeling and then adjust it small enough to strap it to my hiking pack if I don’t want to use it.  The grip is exactly right for my hand.  It’s perfect for hiking!
What Ashley Doesn’t Like: I pulled the pole apart the first time I was trying to adjust it and almost thought I broke it.  Fortunately my dad was there to put it back together.
To purchase this Trekking Pole click HERE.

The Before You Ride Checklist

This is a simple easy checklist (Only 3 things!) to make sure you check out before you take a ride. Remember – Safety First!

1. Check your tire pressure (match with the preferred PSI on the tire wall.)

2. Remember the “3 L’s” – Listen Look for Looseness (handlbars, headset, wheels, etc.)

3. Brake Pads (make sure they aren’tworn and they tightly grip the wheel when the brakes are squeezed.)