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Celebrate National Bike Month with a Tune Up

Visit BikeWorldUSA’s Bike Shop at 4 Sarnowski Drive Scotia

Bicycle Tune Up – $49.99

Single Speed Tune Up – $29.99


(We hope your bike doesn’t look like this!)

Top 5 Bags for Bike Month

Heres our top five Bag picks for National Bike Month… What are your favorites?

Avenir Mini Metro Handlebar Bag (91.5 Cubic Inches)

Delta Smartphone Caddy II (Black)

Bag – Avenir Big Mouth Seat Medium

Electra Townie Bicycle Tank Bag Mens Large Natural







Bike Anatomy: The Saddle

The bike saddle is a very important component of your bike.  In fact, its one of the 5 places where your body actually comes into contact with the bike, and often carries more than half of your body weight.
Heres a few pieces of important information to remember:
– Saddles and seats are different
     saddles carry some weight
     seats carry all weight
– The Saddle can be adjusted 3 ways:
     angle (or tilt)
     front and back position (or fore andaft)
– There are four components to a saddle
– questions to consider when deciding on what saddle to purchase:
     Do I want hard or soft style
     Do I want wide or narrow style
To see BikeWorldUSA’s Selection of Bike Saddles click HERE.
Want to learn more about bike saddles? Check out these great resources:
Leave a comment and tell us what your favorite saddle is!

Back to Basics: The Hybrid Bike

A hybrid bike basically combines features from a mountain bike and a road bike into one.

Raleigh Route 4.0

Here’s the basics:
  • designed for on and off road biking, but does not “excel” at either
  • best for diverse riders
  • ranges in price from $300 to $2000
  • offers a wide range of gears, platform pedals, flat handlebars and light-weight rims
Want to know more about the Hybrid Bike? Here’s some helpful resources: